Focus on the Obvious

Some quick ideas re product/service makers like Apple:

  1. Focus your resources on the obvious product -- the product most people would like to have.
  2. The desktop computer was like this. A mainframe on your desk, with mainframe-like capabilities, is obviously appealing to most people.
  3. The smartphone was like this. A computer in your pocket with the ability to surf the Internet is obviously appealing to most people.
  4. The iPad was like this. Movies, video, and every other type of content in your lap, and it could ultimately replace paper. 
  5. The Apple Watch's inherently small screen means that computer-like capabilities probably are not going to make it an obvious product most would like to have. 
  6. Maybe the most obvious/essential thing the Apple Watch can offer is state-of-the-art health monitoring re heart health, cancer risk/exposure, diabetes, and so on. Excellent health monitoring could make the Watch an obvious product most would like to have.
  7. An autonomous car seems like an obvious product most would like to have, especially if it could function like an office or living space on wheels. The two main benefits of an autonomous car are large: more safety, less wasted time.
  8. The "Internet of Things" (IoT) doesn't seem like something most people obviously want: IoT products involve additional expense and maintenance/compatability hassles. For this reason they don't seem as cheap, simple, and reliable as many manual options like flipping a switch or turning a key. IoT options seem to require consumers to pay more for a less reliable, more complex solution relative to simpler, cheaper, and more reliable manual options that offer good enough convenience.
  9. The farther you move away from obvious wants and needs the less likely you're going to have big success with a new product

The author owns stock shares of Apple.